This manual contains instructions for how to make new teaching material and add it to the site.

Manage the site

Clone from github

The git repository can be cloned by

git clone

which will download all the files into the directory “teaching”

Compile the site

In order to compile the site, first download and install two programs:

After installing both the entire site can be compiled by running the R script in “teaching/make.R”. So open it in Rstudio and mark all with “ctrl-a” and then run the it with “ctrl-enter”.

Add new material

Add a new teaching exercise

The teaching exercises are written in markdown, see for example markdown and cheatsheet

Actually, the site is compiled with rmarkdown and its possible to use the full syntax, see rmarkdown and basics (use only syntax supported by both html and pdf).

The site is arranged such that teaching exercise files are put the following way:

  • Each language is in its own folder, e.g. sv/ is for Swedish

  • In there a folder for each topic contains markdown files, e.g. sv/Omraade-Energifoerluster/ contains one exercise

In order to add a new exercise:

  • Add a new markdown file in the topic folder, e.g. sv/Omraade-Energifoerluster/

  • To add it to the swedish page the open the .Rmd file in the main directory, e.g. sv/teachers_GN.Rmd in Rstudio:

    • Add a line with the link to the markdown file by copying a line with a link to the pages and change the link, as in: 'r knitr::knit_child(‘sv/Omraade-Energifoerluster/’)`

    • Either simply press “knit to html” in Rstudio or run make.R to compile the site

Site organization

There are not really any technical restrictions to how the material is organized, however the following conventions should be kept to make the site compile with all working links:

  • Keep exercise files divided in folders of the different topics.

  • Keep the heading levels in the exercise files (see e.g. sv/Omraade-Energifoerluster/
    • ### Exercise title
    • #### Subheadings
  • Keep the following file naming conventions (replace teacher/student with similar name in the language and level with the different level names:
    • for teachers instructions
    • for students instructions
  • Use only ASCII characters in file names (not æøå etc.)

Editing an exercise

In order to edit an exercise:

  • Open an exercise markdown file, e.g. sv/Omraade-Energifoerluster/

  • The file can be edited in any text editor. If Rstudio is used, then the markdown file can simply be compiled to pdf by pressing “Preview PDF” (ctrl-shift k)

  • Images can be added with markdown syntax, e.g. ![](figures/test.jpeg), or with rmarkdown syntax

  • Its perfectly possible to write math and code chunks, see the rmarkdown documentation